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We provide physical stability to the patients through medical detox, as our initial medical goal is to remove the bad things from a person’s body and brain while minimizing potential withdrawal side effects.

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Addiction curtains your reality

Addiction curtains your reality

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Addiction curtains your reality

Addiction: Basics and Beyond

Addiction is an illness that makes an individual too self-serving to see the catastrophe they created about the lives of loved ones they have shattered.

When you want to stop but you can’t that’s addiction.

In terms of chemical addiction, it is a complex condition where an individual cant control the usage despite of harmful effects. All their live revolves around one specific drug/chemical and they keep using even when they know it is causing or will cause problems.

Substance use disorder or formerly known as drugs addiction distorts thinking, perception and behaviors and causes significant changes in brain chemistry and functioning.  These changes may last longer even after the period of intoxication. And intoxication is a state of being drunk which consequently interferes with memory and thinking, speech and coordination.

Why people starts taking drugs

  • Recreational — feeling of pleasure, “high” or “intoxication”
  • Managing stress — relieve stress, forget problems, or feel numb
  • To do better— to perform better.
  • Experimentation and curiosity.

Symptoms are divided in three basic categories:

  • Inability to control: a craving or strong urge to use the substance; desire or failed attempts to cut down or control substance use
  • Problems in socialization : substance use causes failure to complete major tasks at work, school or home; social, work or leisure activities are given up or cut back because of substance use
  • Biological symptoms: cravings, constipationdiarrhea, trembling, seizures, sweats, and uncharacteristic behavior, including violence.

To conclude the whole introduction drugs are not a personality flaw but a chemical disturbance causes change in the brain and impacts all aspects of human life i.e. psychological, social, physical, and spiritual. To cut it short drugs are harmful in any form or every form.

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